How to remove scratches and chips

How to remove scratches and chips

In use on furniture scratches and chips develop. They can be superficial when only the varnish coat is damaged, and deep – to the wood basis. Similar defects spoil not only exterior of furniture, but also mood.

It is required to you

  • - polish;
  • - soft fabric or felt;
  • - furniture marker;
  • - soft furniture wax;
  • - solid furniture wax;
  • - electric soldering iron;
  • - fine-grained abrasive paper.


1. Remove small and thin scratches on varnish surface with furniture polish. Take soft fabric and apply polish in the direction of arrangement of fibers of wood. It slightly will dissolve varnish and will smooth scratches. After a while rub surface once again with soft fabric to gloss.

2. Quickly it is possible to close up small scratches and chips by means of furniture marker. Before application shake up. Put three layers. In five minutes remove surplus with damp tampon.

3. Other way to disguise scratch: by means of the wax paste. For this purpose pick up suitable color and apply with soft tampon on surface.

4. Let's harden to the wax paste, and then to its raspoliruyta to uniform gloss. If the place of repair differs from basic color, then process all surface the wax paste by means of soft tampon.

5. It is possible to remove scratches and by means of soft furniture wax. Pick up right color. Carry out by it in the damaged place and well rub.

6. For removal of chip cut off small piece of furniture wax and the small palette rub it in the damaged place. Carefully remove surplus with knife. Take clean rag or felt and well polish this site. That wax strongly was not emitted, tint it normal felt-tip pen or marker.

7. For removal of scratches and chips on the surface bearing average and heavy load use solid furniture wax. It has good plasticity, and is compatible to any kind of finish coats. Melt its electric the soldering iron or the gas lighter and jam in the damaged place.

8. Remove with knife surplus which acts over surface. Grind zone of repair fine-grained abrasive paper. Process surface furniture polish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team