How to remove smell in boots

How to remove smell in boots

Whether you had to notice that footwear can sometimes exhale unpleasant aroma? For certain and! The unpleasant smell is caused by the increased perspiration of legs. The fact is that feet are the native habitat of bacteria which eat then. The waste products emitted by bacteria also form that fetid smell. "Aroma" is added by the fungus which has lodged on feet of legs. But the situation is not hopeless: smell in boots and other footwear it is possible to remove and prevent its repeated emergence.

It is required to you

  • - coffee seeds;
  • - zeolite;
  • - juniper or cedar shaving;
  • - the insoles absorbing smell;
  • - special creams;
  • - sea salt or tea;
  • - water;
  • - cotton socks;
  • - spray-antipersperant.


1. Leave the footwear which is just taken off from legs in the light, well aired place.

2. If boots are made of dark leather, place in seed of coffee and leave them for day. In a day from unpleasant smell there will be no trace left also.

3. Enclose sacks with juniper or cedar shaving in the boots made of light skin: such shaving perfectly absorbs smells.

4. Universal ustranitel of unpleasant smells in boots of different color is zeolite. Place this natural material in mesh packings and put in footwear. Primary feature of zeolite – possibility of its repeated use. It is enough to leave network with zeolite on windowsill under direct sunshine for six hours, and it will return the former working capacity.

5. Use zapakhopogloshchayushchy insoles. In case in boots normal insoles and they are not pasted, pull out them regularly and dry. Moreover, periodically erase insoles: it will prevent emergence of the unpleasant smell exhaled by boots.

6. Pay attention to hygiene of legs: regularly wash out legs in warm soapsuds, properly rub off them, use the special creams intended for sweating normalization by foot and also preventing emergence of fetid smell. Do leg baths, for example, tea or with sea salt. Normal spray-antipersperant perfectly will be suitable for leg care.

7. You wear cotton socks or tights: refuse synthetics.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team