How to remove spot from candle

How to remove spot from candle

Candles are obligatory attribute of cozy, relaxed atmosphere. Nothing so calms and brings together people as uneven light of live sparks. Alas, not always the close neighbourhood with candles brings entirely pleasant emotions. Sometimes it is wrapped in annoying traces on clothes and surrounding objects. To cope with spots from candles you will be helped by simple advice.

It is required to you

  • Knife, iron, tissues or piece of fabric.


1. Stupid edge of knife accurately scratch out wax drops from the spoiled thing.

2. Lay ironing board tissue or piece of fabric. It becomes not to spoil covering of ironing board. Then put on napkin thing with spot and cover from above with one more napkin.

3. Warm the iron up to the minimum temperature corresponding to the mode of stroking of delicate fabrics. Carefully iron spot through tissue.

4. After on napkin the spot is shown, it needs to be replaced new. Do this procedure several times until the spot from candle disappears. For full removal of any traces after stroking the thing needs to be washed.

5. If spots from candle have spoiled carpet, contact of the hot iron with its pile is extremely undesirable. For protection of carpet take the sheet of cardboard, make in it opening slightly more than the size of spot. Cover with cardboard tissue so that the spot was located over opening. Iron carpet, without forgetting to change paper as it is described above. When on napkin the trace from spot ceases to be shown, clean carpet by means of special shampoo.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team