How to remove spot from fur

How to remove spot from fur

There are situations when on fur coat spots appear. It is possible to remove them by means of house means. If they do not cope with removal of pollution, address in dry-cleaner.


1. Greasy spots. Take 500 ml of water, 1 teaspoon of ammonia solution and 3 teaspoons of salt. Mix all ingredients. Moisten cotton tampon in this solution and rub the site of pollution. Then wash with clear water. Hang up fur coat to dry.

2. From faux fur the fresh greasy spots are removed by means of mix of gasoline and potato starch. Apply gruel on the polluted site. When gasoline disappears, remove mix with brush and stir up fur coat. Not all types of faux fur transfer effect of gasoline. For a start check means on the imperceptible site of product. If fur has not changed color and structure, then can clean all surface.

3. Put strongly become dusty fur thing pile down on the plain surface laid by white damp sheet. Take rod and beat out fur coat. All dust will remain on damp fabric.

4. Warm wheat or rye bran in metal capacity. Spread out fur coat on plain clean surface. Then scatter hot bran and rub brush. Then shake them and hang up fur coat.

5. It is possible to purify white fur from pollution by means of potato starch or semolina. Scatter it on pile and carefully rub. If starch gains gray color, then it is recommended to repeat the procedure.

6. The polluted fur can be cleaned by original method. Take pets shampoo and dissolve it in warm water. Pour soap solution in spray and spray on all surface of fur coat. Then wipe with damp sponge or rag.

7. From light fur effectively cleans and hydrogen peroxide removes yellowness. Spray it on all surface of product and wait for full drying. Then comb crest with frequent teeth.

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