How to remove spot from vegetable oil

How to remove spot from vegetable oil

Vegetable oil is not only tasty product for frying and seasoning of salads, but also source of spots. Greasy spots are the inevitable companion of the hostess: very often on clothes, cloth or towel greasy traces are found. How to remove spot from vegetable oil?

It is required to you

  • iron, starch, salt, talc, flour, gasoline, kerosene, toilet paper, napkins


1. Prepare the iron, it is a little starch and two cotton napkins. Fill starch on spot, cover with napkin. From below also enclose napkin. Iron the hot iron. If the spot has not disappeared, replace starch. It is possible to lead the procedure, applying instead of starch such substances as salt, white chalk, potato flour or talc.

2. If you do not want to use starch, can try to get rid of spot by means of toilet paper. The same principle, only instead of napkins you use the put toilet paper, and do not apply starch. Toilet paper perfectly absorbs fat. Replace it as required. The iron should not be too hot.

3. At detection on fabric of old spots from vegetable oil, apply such solvents as gasoline or kerosene. Wipe pollution with cotton wool which is moistened in solvent, and then iron the iron. Do it through tissue or cotton fabric. Do not forget to moisten with water area around spot – then after the end of procedure you do not receive ugly circle on thing. After the spot disappears, the product needs to be washed in warm water. Do not use solvents on synthetic fabrics.

4. At emergence of spot on the thing having filler (sofa, down jacket, etc.) mix solvent with salt, starch or chalk. Rub with the received structure spot, wait a little and carefully clean off. Better before the procedure to hold testing of structure on the imperceptible site of the soiled thing: toga you will insure yourself from possible troubles.

5. One more simple recipe: grate laundry soap on small grater and mix with turpentine and ammonia solution in the ratio 1:2:1. Smear spot with the received paste, wait five minutes and wash away water. It is possible to remove structure by means of damp sponge.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team