How to remove spots

How to remove spots

Artful spots on favourite cloth or blouse can suddenly appear, they can be found after the party or feast. Thereof there is question: as it is effective and correct to remove any given spot from clothes. The majority of pollution can be eliminated independently in house conditions, it is hardly worth addressing in dry-cleaner. At the same time you will avoid excess efforts, will preserve time and money.


1. To remove fresh pollution much more simply, than old. Therefore you should not play for time, immediately start cleaning process. It is known that there are no universal remedies for elimination of spots. With eaten it is necessary to tinker. Completely to remove spot, it is necessary to influence it several times, periodically washing with water.

2. To remove fresh fat spot from fabric, it is necessary to iron the place of pollution by the hot iron through several sheets of the blotting paper enclosed on both sides of spot (front and back). Further strew this place with tooth-powder or the crushed chalk, 3-4 hours later it needs to be shaken properly. If necessary repeat the procedure and rinse thing to warm water.

3. It is possible to remove spots from juice and fruit by means of lemon juice with addition of salt or normal citric acid. Already old spots will much quicker descend if to take the soiled material over the container with the boiling water, and then to rub the lemon juice or vinegar diluted in half with denatured alcohol or vodka applied on rag. After that rub product the cotton pad, the wetted in ammonia solution solution with water in proportion 1:1.

4. Spots on fabric from the hot iron need to be moistened with juice of onions and to leave at several o'clock. After that it was necessary to wash properly thing, spots as did not happen. If spot quite big, then rub onions on small grater or crush it in the blender. Impose the received gruel on pollution and leave for some time, rinse fabric in cold water.

5. Spots can be removed from strong tea and coffee by means of the brush, the wetted in warm water. After that properly wash out thing in warm soap solution with addition of ammonia solution and soda ash (1/2 teaspoons of soda and 1 teaspoon of ammonia solution on 1 liter of water). Carefully rinse product at first in warm water, and then in cold, slightly acidified by vinegar.

6. It is quite simple to wash spots from blood by means of normal cold water, and then to wash warm soap solution. Before washing it is recommended to wet linen at several o'clock in cool water. Also spots of blood will wash off if to rub them cold water in which the aspirin tablet has to be previously dissolved.

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