How to remove spots from pine pitch

How to remove spots from pine pitch

To pick mushrooms, berries, pine nuts, to breathe fresh air in the forest – that can be more pleasant for the fan of the nature. However often after such walks on clothes spots from pine pitch of which there is a wish to get rid are found. It is possible to make it in several ways.

It is required to you

  • - alcohol,
  • - gasoline,
  • - turpentine,
  • - knife,
  • - iron,
  • - fridge.


1. Spots from pitch belong to fat. They have no accurately expressed borders, they are always more dark than fabric on which are formed. Fresh fat spots easily are removed by means of gasoline or kerosene. However with it be careful. Not each fabric without loss will transfer such cleaning. But there is also more sparing way. Dissolve in gasoline white soap in proportion 1:1. Wipe spot and in hour wash away. The pitch spot on woolen fabrics can be removed also by means of gasoline or ammonia solution.

2. If the spot is fresher, it is possible to try to remove it by means of the iron. Put the soiled thing between sheets of paper and iron several times, changing sheets. Also it is possible to remove spot by means of the freezing chamber. Remove thing in the fridge, after a while pitch will stiffen, and it will be possible to scratch off it accurately.

3. If the spot is not fresher, then several times blot it with turpentine. Wait until pitch is dissolved, then wipe with alcohol. Later wash thing with water. One more way to remove dried up pitch is to try to scratch off it. Fill in with mix of alcohol and turpentine 1:1, iron through blotting paper and wipe dry.

4. The known way will get rid of pitch on hands – to wash them vegetable oil. It is simple to guess that it will help and in case it is necessary to remove pitch from leather product. Vegetable oil will easily be washed away by means for washing of ware.

5. Being going to get rid of pitch spot, first of all define structure of fabric or surface which should be cleaned. If fine fabric, you do not apply such aggressive ways as otskablivany spots. If fabric dense, it is possible to try different ways, without being afraid to spoil thing. It is possible to remove pitch, previously having frozen it in the fridge, and then having ironed the iron. And if the spot does not wish to disappear, use kerosene and alcohol.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team