How to remove spots from sweat from clothes

How to remove spots from sweat from clothes

Yellow spots from sweat spoil exterior of clothes and break structure of fabric. But there is a number of effective ways for disposal of this trouble. You remember the main thing before applying any given means on fabric, consider material of favourite thing.


1. For linen, cotton fabric use one teaspoon of ammonia solution and the same amount of table salt. Stir the received solution in glass of warm water. Leave thing in the wetted look for 7-12 minutes. Carefully rinse in large amount of water.

2. Remove spots from sweat on silk fabric by means of teaspoon of table salt on glass of warm water. For a start wet clothes for several minutes, then process the turned-out mix. Rinse thing with water.

3. Silk fabric of white color can be saved solution of hydrogen peroxide and water, in proportion 1:10. Wipe the polluted site with this structure.

4. Use soap solution for wool. Put piece of laundry soap in basin and fill in with hot water, make foam. Wet woolen thing there, then stretch. Further part one teaspoon of oxalic acid in glass of warm water and again wet thing for several minutes. Rinse clothes in warm water.

5. Clean sleeves, collars and cups with solution of equal parts of gasoline, laundry soap and ammonia solution. Rub mix to problem places on clothes, then rinse in warm water with addition of vinegar.

6. When washing add ammonia solution teaspoon on water liter. Spots from sweat will not leave also reminders.

7. Shake up yolk from egg, apply on spot before drying. Then remove crust and rinse thing in water.

8. Remove sweat from color fabrics by means of the heated iron. On the hot surface of the iron put dry thing with spot. Then rub with soap (without dyes) and wet brush clean the polluted place.

9. Process color or light clothes hydrogen peroxide, you will hang out thing in the sun for hour. Rinse in warm water.

10. Remove old spots from sweat by means of 120 ml of gasoline, 170 ml of the denatured alcohol (is on sale in shops for hunting and fishing) and 100 ml of ammonia solution. Moisten bandage in this solution and process spot. Carefully rinse thing after the procedure.

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