How to remove spots from wine

How to remove spots from wine

Oh these glasses on thin legs! One awkward movement – and already the cloth or snow-white shirt "are decorated" with wine spots which not always just manage to be washed. How to remove spots from wine, without having spoiled at the same time thing?


1. If you have just spilled wine on clothes or on cloth, and the spot has not managed to dry yet – he can be brought boiled water, having watered spot from teapot or having washed in very hot water. Therefore if you at once, without hesitating, have sent the spoiled thing to washing machine and have established the water temperature of 80-90 degrees, no additional measures for removal of spots from wine will be required to you. Unfortunately, this way is suitable only for light linen or cotton fabrics. What to do with other things?

2. The fresh spot can be removed from white wine by means of normal ice. Just wipe fabric with ice piece until the spot does not disappear, and then wipe spot with dry napkin or cotton rag. If you had not had ice, wash off spot in very cold, ice water.

3. It is also simple to remove fresh spots from red wine. It is enough to process of them three-percent solution of ammonia solution or solution of normal baking soda (from calculation one spoon of soda on glass of warm water), to properly wash fabric with warmish water and to wash with soap. From spot there will be no trace left also. Less fast, but the same effective way of removal of wine spots is to fill up yet not dried spot with table salt and to leave approximately for half an hour then to rinse and wash fabric. The white fabrics soiled by wine can also be wetted before washing in milk.

4. It is possible to remove from fabric old wine spots by means of citric acid. Dissolve 2 grams of citric acid in glass of water, process spot this solution and properly wash with warm water.

5. If after removal of spot on white fabric there were pale blue or violet traces, wipe them with solution of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia solution (on one teaspoon on glass of hot water) then rinse in cold water.

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