How to remove spots of apples

How to remove spots of apples

Spots from apples most often appear on clothes. Especially they like to arise on children's things. It is possible to get rid of many of these spots with ease, having washed thing laundry detergent. And some of them aim to remain on dresses forever. How to remove spot from apple?


1. Define from what material thing. If it is silk, then only the sparing cleaning methods will approach. That is methods with use of chemicals and also removal of spots by means of acid are no good here. If the product is made of imitation leather, then do not apply spirit solutions and chemical stain removers. In both cases only soap solution will approach.

2. Define thing accessory. If the clothes belong to the child about one year, it is necessary to use safe means of disposal of spots. Wet spots from apples water of room temperature, fill up them with children's "Young stork" powder for 2 hours. Then wash off thing manually or in the washing machine with addition of the same powder at temperature +50ºС. As excellent means for the same purposes serves the laundry soap checked for a long time.

3. Check color of clothes. If the clothes color also belong to the child mtarsha of year or to the adult, then it is possible to remove spots ""Vanish"" stain removers or the amplifier of powder of type of Boss plus. If dress of white color, then wet spots safe oxygencontaining bleach ""Expert"". It is possible to apply of course and chlorine-containing bleach, but at its frequent application the clothes quickly come to shabby state.

4. Establish freshness of spot. If the spot is fresher, pour on it hot water until the spot is dissolved. Or wipe it with the rag moistened with warm dairy soap solution. Fill up with similar way just formed spot I will merge and quickly wash off soap solution.

5. In the presence of old spot use national method: wipe spot with solution with citric or acetic acid (on 1 glass of 1 tsp) and take over hot steam. In the same way make vodka mix with glycerin or ammonia solution with water in equal proportions and grease spot. Then wash off in warm water with normal powder.

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