How to remove spots on trousers

How to remove spots on trousers

From unpleasant surprises with clothes nobody is insured. Most often such subject of clothes as trousers suffers. Tea or coffee, the spilled juice, spots from grass, paint and ink are capable to spoil mood for a long time. How to remove spots on trousers?

It is required to you

  • Water, soap, laundry detergent, ammonia solution, lemon juice, vinegar, alcohol, tampon


1. The simplest, but the expensive option is to address in specialized dry-cleaner. However in certain cases it is possible to cope with spots on trousers and by own efforts in house conditions.

2. The main rule - removal of spots should be made immediately if there is such opportunity. To remove fresh spot much more simply, and the missed time will make work as more labor-consuming.

3. Clean the polluted site from dust. Then on the back seam or rag which is applied to trousers check how fabric transfers means for cleaning which you intend to apply. Processing of spot needs to be carried out from edges to the center, and then it is necessary to process also material around spot. It is impossible to grate fabric, it needs just to be impregnated with the necessary solution.

4. Ink spots can be removed with the tampon, the wetted in alcohol, juice of lemon or in solution of citric acid. It is possible to use also mix of ammonia and wine solution if to take them in identical proportions.

5. Spots from grass well wash off plain powder or soap, they still fresh so far. For increase in efficiency of cleaning of old spot add ammonia solution tablespoon to water liter, blot with this structure spot then wash off trousers.

6. To remove spot from oil paint from trousers not easy without damage of product. It is recommended to wipe spot with kerosene or turpentine, and then to use ammonia solution or solution of baking soda before disappearance of spot.

7. Salt spot from red wine and leave for half an hour then rinse warm water. Process old spot weak solution of citric acid. Ice or very cold water will help to remove spot from white wine.

8. As soon as possible salt spot from fat, rub, and then replace salt several times until the spot disappears. It is possible to use talc. Greasy spots from woolen trousers can try to be removed with gasoline.

9. Process chewing gum from trousers ice. The stiffened chewing gum is removed rather easily, and then the spot should be wiped with gasoline.

10. Soap solution with addition of soda or ammonia solution will help to remove fresh spots from coffee and tea. After processing rinse trousers warm, and then cold water with addition of vinegar in the beginning.

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