How to remove superglue from clothes

How to remove superglue from clothes

Removal of superglue from clothes - task not always feasible. Hit of cyanoacryl ester on some types of fabrics can have irreversible consequences - the structure of material will be destroyed. However before throwing out favourite things, try to remove superglue from clothes independently.

  • - acetone;
  • - sewing needle;
  • - nitromethane;
  • - vinegar;
  • - gasoline;
  • - rags.

1. Most of producers of glues recommend to use acetone for removal of the drops which have accidentally got on clothes. However at the same time it is necessary to remember that such method of removal of superglue is not suitable for synthetic clothes at all and also for fine and color fabrics.

2. The fabrics having rough weaving can be purified from superglue after its full drying. For this purpose it is necessary "to beat off" slightly dried spot, having knocked on it with the handle from knife or other similar subject, and then to accurately remove glue by means of sewing needle. Wash the polluted site with hot water, and then wash clothes in the usual way.

3. Fresh spots can be removed from superglue by means of mix of acetone and 10% of solution of nitromethane. Before applying solution on spot, check its action on the small site of fabric.

4. For removal of glue from fine fabrics use acetic solution. Part one tablespoon of vinegar in glass of water and carefully wash out spot. Then rinse clothes in cool water and wash in the normal way.

5. Other widespread way of cleaning of clothes is removal of superglue by means of cold. Place the polluted thing in the freezing chamber at several o'clock. Accurately remove the frozen glue by means of knife.

6. It is possible to remove spot from low-quality glue of the Chinese production by means of normal water. Wet the spoiled thing in hot water at several o'clock. Accurately scratch off residues of glue. Wash in the normal way.

7. Take rag and impregnate it with gasoline. Carefully wipe fresh spot from superglue. Unfortunately, thus it is possible to remove only fresh spots.

8. Use special means for removal of spots from glue. It is possible to get it in supermarkets, in the departments trading in glue.

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