How to remove the front panel

How to remove the front panel

Quite often owners of cars seek to introduce identity in the shape of the machine. It concerns not only technical characteristics of the car, but also features of interior of salon. Some car owners for many reasons, for example, do not accept exterior of the front panel. Today in the market there is wide choice of panels which can be used instead of standard facing. But for a start it is necessary to remove the old panel.

It is required to you

  • - screw-drivers;
  • - set of wrenches;
  • - clean rags.


1. Set the car on plain surface. Put it on the hand brake to prevent rolling the machine. It is desirable to perform works indoors, it will allow not to depend on weather patterns.

2. Prepare the necessary tool. You need clean rags, set of screw-drivers and wrenches. Cover with rags front seats of the car to provide their purity in work flow. Instead of rags it is possible to use polyethylene film or oilcloth also. To secure hands during dismantling of the panel, protect them cotton gloves.

3. You make replacement of the front panel at the switched-off engine. Open cowl and switch-off the accumulator to deenergize car electric power supply system. After that take out decorative stubs. Remove facing parts of air ducts. Disconnect pad of steering wheel and steering wheel, otherwise it can prevent works. Accurately remove all switches from guide post.

4. Disconnect the parts of facing which are on racks. Having turned off screws, remove the plastic casing closing air ducts (on them warm air arrives to back seats). Carefully unbend the plastic latches holding casing and remove it, having pulled on themselves.

5. On general lay-out of fastenings of the front panel described in the application guide of the car find fixing points and unscrew self-tapping screws and nuts. Pull the panel on yourself, working accurately not to damage plastic fastenings. It is necessary that the panel left fastenings on several centimeters then start shutdown of wires and electrical connectors. Having turned off wiring, completely extend the panel on yourself and take out it from salon through open door of the car.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team