How to remove the proofreader

How to remove the proofreader

Office stroke – thing in certain cases irreplaceable. Adjusting mistakes in the document, act very accurately - it will be very difficult to remove the spilled proofreader from clothes. Sometimes dry-cleaners refuse such pollution even. To cope with white spot on fabric, read information on composition of liquid – the way of removal of the proofreader will depend on it.

It is required to you

  • - Warm water and cleaning agent
  • - Solvent for office stroke
  • - Whyte alcohol (ethyl alcohol, vodka or sal ammoniac)
  • - Q-tips
  • - Clean rags
  • - Chalk
  • - Gasoline (or stain remover for oil paint)


1. Do not erase the soiled product, do not find out composition of correction fluid yet. In its basis there can be alcohol, various oils, water or mix of water and alcohol. That to remove proofreader on water basis, is enough to scratch the stiffened spot from fabric (carefully not to damage thing) and to wash product in warm water with cleaning agent. If the stroke basis other, then after premature washing is much more difficult to remove spot.

2. Buy special solvent for office stroke. It is desirable that it was the same brand and intended for specific model of the adjusting pencil or bubble with the proofreader. Apply means on spot and wash thing in warm soap solution.

3. It is possible to remove the proofreader on spirit basis by means of vodka, medical or uyat-alcohol. It is possible to use and sal ammoniac – it works softly and almost does not spoil fabric (of course if it is not especially delicate fibers). It is only necessary to purge having tested means on the imperceptible place of clothes. If fabric resistant, spread clean rag from pollution reverse. Begin to clean carefully the proofreader with Q-tip, moistening it in alcohol-containing liquid. Move from the center of spot to its edges. To avoid white aura on clothes, strew pounded chalk on pollution perimeter.

4. It is recommended to delete spot from the proofreader whose basis includes any oil with the purified gasoline. Act the same as when cleaning product with alcohol. Be not too lazy to go to shop of household chemicals and to consult with the seller: to cope with similar pollution you can be helped by also special stain removers for cleaning of oil paint.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team