How to remove the vacuum cleaner impeller

How to remove the vacuum cleaner impeller

The vacuum cleaner – the irreplaceable assistant providing high-quality house cleaning or apartments. As well as all other household appliances, the vacuum cleaner begins to cope badly with the task over time or at all breaks. Most often it is connected with failure of its engine for which repair and replacement it is necessary to remove accurately the impeller, without having damaged it at the same time.

It is required to you

  • - crosstip screwdriver;
  • - flat blade screwdriver;
  • - hammer;
  • - metal level;
  • - duck-bill.


1. For a start remove the vacuum cleaner body, having turned off two screws located under compartment cover where the dust collector bag is established. Now you can remove plastic grating and turn off two screws. They are directly under it. After this dust collector it will easily be uncovered with cover on which adjusting buttons by the unit and the handle intended for regulation of power are placed.

2. Further turn off bolts in the dust collector and two bolts under uncovered then separate the body of the vacuum cleaner into two parts, having ensured free access to its engine, and, therefore, and to the impeller.

3. Remove the material protecting it from penetration of dust and fixing its plastic laying from the engine. After that remove the engine from the body, having disconnected before it two wiring which are responsible for power supply in the power unit.

4. Now it is necessary to remove the impeller from the engine. It is got rather densely. For this purpose it is the best of all to use the hammer and metal level as which the key for latching of stone in the Bulgarian can act.

5. The difficulty of removal of the impeller is that the nut clamping it in addition is coated with glue. Therefore before untwisting it is necessary to clean wave of anchor over nut. After that clamp it in vice and begin to turn off nut. If the nut begins to be scrolled together with anchor, located on the impeller, remove the brush holder with brushes.

6. Through the formed window by means of duck-bill record anchor for collector. Turning off nut, control the force that will allow you to avoid scrolling of the collector of the anchor located in sponges of duck-bill under which, by the way, it is necessary to enclose small rag. Upon termination of repair of the engine of the vacuum cleaner the impeller will need to be put on him in the return sequence.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team