How to remove tobacco smell

How to remove tobacco smell

The fashion trend of healthy lifestyle provokes the population to refuse addictions. But what to do if after you have left off smoking, began to feel this unpleasant aroma of nicotine indoors? To begin to smoke anew? No, it is enough only to try to get rid of annoying smell.

It is required to you

  • - cleaning agents;
  • - coffee, essential oil or perfume;
  • - air freshener.


1. The most optimal variant is to make repair. After you replace wall-paper, update floor and ceiling, the unpleasant smell will disappear. But if you for some reason are not going to repair the apartment - do not despair, it is possible to get rid of tobacco smell and other ways.

2. Make clear-out in the house. Wash all surfaces (which can be washed) water with bleaching powder addition. If aqueous emulsion ink or lime is applied on ceiling, process it from spray the same solution. Be not afraid, spots from it will not appear. Clean carpets with cleaning agent or carry in dry-cleaner, they have become impregnated with smell too. With curtains it is slightly simpler, just wash them. Or take out all blankets and plaids on the street to be aired, or wash manually or in the machine. It is only enough to leave pillows on the balcony for several days then the smell will disappear.

3. Make aromatization of the room. Fill ground coffee in small tanks and place them on the apartment. Every two weeks change coffee for fresh ground. If has begun to smell coffee to you it is not pleasant, then when bulbs are switched off, drip on them a little essential oil, favourite perfume or other flavored substance.

4. Buy automatic air freshener. It will fill your house with fresh aroma, forcing out smell of tobacco smoke. Similarly cleaner and humidifier works. The room is filled with morning freshness which can be felt in the forest early in the morning. And if you have conditioner, study the instruction, it is possible that it is supplied with this function.

5. Do not forget to air the room, then in your apartment it will be fresh and it is cozy even in case you decide to light again. Even in houses of the smoking people the musty smell of tobacco not always meets the fact is that they just carry out in time processing and aromatization of the room.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team