How to remove traces from sweat

How to remove traces from sweat

When the person has increased perspiration, except all problems which are available for him, also efforts with things on which traces from sweat continually appear are added. Them it is quite difficult and as it seems at first sight, it is almost impossible to wash. Besides, all these unpleasant yellow circles, in particular on white, can put favourite thing out of commission as spots from sweat break the general structure of fabric.

1. First of all, before elimination of spots from sweat check type of fabric from which the favourite thing as application of any given means for removal of stalemate traces can break structure of fibers is sewed. You remember, for each material there are individual methods and ways of removal of the specified spots.

2. Begin with the simple method suitable for all types of fabric. Take clothes and apply directly on spot any liquid detergent for removal of proteinaceous spots, it is abundant having moistened at the same time all area of spot. Leave thing for one hour. Wash off, hour later, spots and dry up clothes at the room temperature.

3. Removal of traces of sweat on cotton and linen fabric. Take 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of ammonia solution, mix the specified ingredients in glass of warm water. Apply the turned-out solution on places of spots and leave wetted for 10-15 minutes. Rinse thing in warm water several times.

4. Removal of traces of sweat on silk fabric. Stir one teaspoon of salt in glass of warm water and apply the turned-out solution on places where there are traces from sweat. Slightly rub these sites. Rinse clothes with warm water.

5. In case silk fabric has white color, it is possible to apply on spots from sweat hydrogen peroxide solution with water in proportion one to ten and to rub this solution the specified places.

6. Removal of traces of sweat on woolen fabric. Make soap solution. For this purpose take piece of laundry soap, fill in it with boiled water and make foam. Wet in the turned-out solution woolen thing for 10-15 minutes. Stretch place hands with spots. Rinse clothes in large amount of warm water.

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