How to remove water from stretch ceiling

How to remove water from stretch ceiling

Stretch ceilings carry out from two types of material today: the processed fabric and from polyvinylchloride. It is fabric too, but absolutely other nonwoven origin which is literally cast from synthetic raw materials. These ceilings do not accumulate condensate, and water on them can appear only at hit from above (for example, when flooding your apartment by neighbors).


1. After hit of large amount of water on stretch ceiling, as a rule, problems do not arise neither with ceiling, nor with property, being in the room in type of the fact that the materials used in stretch ceilings detain moisture (if the technology when mounting has been observed). Polyvinylchloride coverings just sag under weight of water and take the form of big drop.

2. Film advantage from PVC is also that it under the influence of large amount of water does not burst, and stretches because, having thickness of 0.15-0.2 mm, it is so strong that maintains load up to 100 liters of 1 square meter.

3. It is the best of all to entrust elimination of consequences of leakage of water to experts (they will return former look to ceiling without damages). If there is no such opportunity, this problem can be solved and independently. There are two main ways of removal of water from stretch ceiling. The first is applied when there is input in ceiling of electrolamps or chandeliers. And the second way, when there is no ceiling lighting. At any option first of all it is necessary to disconnect electricity.

4. In the presence of lamps in ceiling it is necessary to remove the electric device and to accurately enter rubber hose into opening, reaching it the accumulated water. Then to pump out liquid in any suitable tank. It is possible to use household low-power pumps – it will exclude water leaking.

5. If water was in stretch ceiling long time and has stood, then it is necessary to wash out the residence of water. All actions should be made so that not to damage PVC.

6. In the absence of hose, it is possible to substitute any capacity under opening and hands to squeeze out water. Having completely got rid of water, it is necessary to allow ceiling to dry out until it returns former form. It is the best of all to use the construction hair dryer for this purpose. When the stretch ceiling dries out and will stretch, it is necessary to return lighting equipment on the former place.

7. If ceiling integral and lamps are not provided in it, it is necessary to choose the hardly noticeable site of ceiling (normally it is corner behind the door) and to remove decorative baguette. Turn off edge of cloth and in the formed cavity miss rubber hose. After that adjust to it hands water and accurately merge it in capacity. Having finished, let's ceiling dry out, and after complete recovery of original form fix baguette into place.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team