How to remove wax from carpet

How to remove wax from carpet

As romantic evenings with candles are good and how annoying to find then the stiffened wax drops on carpet. Bright spots from color candles on light pile are especially ugly. However, any traces do not paint carpet. Be not upset, the trouble can be corrected.

It is required to you

  • Ice, knife, package, hair dryer, fabric, iron, tissues or soft fabric.


1. Break, crumble the stiffened wax hands (you can resort to the help of knife), clean crumbs thoroughly.

2. Take ice from the freezing chamber, place it in plastic bag and apply to spot from wax. Take minute - another. Again fingers or knife crumble residues of wax (hardened under ice, it will easily crumble). Remove crumbs.

3. Turn on the home hair dryer and, having directed stream of hot air to the wax spot on carpet, warm this place. Periodically during operating time of the hair dryer blot spot with tissue or soft fabric (for example, gauze).

4. If the spot is still visible or is felt at touch, cover it with tissue and walk in this place the hot iron. Repeat until all wax passes to napkin. Attention! - this way cannot be applied if wax on carpet from color candle, dye eats in pile.

5. Wash off the place damaged by wax or all carpet. It is possible the vacuum cleaner with the corresponding operating modes, it is possible hands (apply soapsuds on carpet and clean brush, then walk clean brush, dipping it in clear water).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team