How to repair aluminum radiator

How to repair aluminum radiator

Now on many domestic cars aluminum radiators with plastic tanks are established. If you have though brief experience of repair of brass radiators, then can try to repair in case of breakage and aluminum.


1. Even in the absence of skills, having small stock of patience and a little accuracy, it is possible to return to life the damaged radiator by means of small set of tools.

2. If in your radiator tubes are torn and rumpled, then it is necessary to muffle them. For this purpose remove with the screw-driver or knife foil between tubes, big scissors cut off fragmentary tubes at an angle of 90 degrees to the radiator plane. Then flat-nose pliers carefully flatten the broken tubes and wrap them on two turns.

3. If at blow the plate of tubes has been broken and the lower tank is torn off, then at first pass flat-nose pliers around, leveling teeth, i.e. lifting them vertically. After that accurately level the plane of plate. Now apply sealant layer on surface. It is better to use the American "red sealant" as domestic for this operation too dense therefore lays down thick layer and quickly stiffens. Having applied sealant, install tank directly on plate, do not use regular rubber gasket. Make sure that it densely adjoins to plate. If have found places of leaky interface – add to them sealant. The plastic tank sometimes has the convex form of landing side therefore carefully seal everything.

4. Now clamp teeths. For prevention of distortion and expression of tank from the opposite side, do this transaction of the scheme of broach of head of the block or cross-wise.

5. Before installation of knot surely check quality of the performed works and whether there are no leakages then install on the car.

6. If nevertheless you did not manage to repair aluminum radiator independently – you do not hurry to throw out it and to buy new. Address in specialized workshops. They with ease will perform repair works, will restore plastic covers (banks) of radiator and also will correct your errors and will check tightness of radiator at the special stand. It will take only 2-3 hours of your time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team