How to repair bath

How to repair bath

All know about salutary properties of bath. Since ancient times our people used bath not only for dirt washing off, but also as the remarkable medical procedure. She saves from hundred illnesses. Not one generation takes a steam bath in the bath constructed by the grandfather. But here has come it is time to repair it.

  • - boards;
  • - sealing material;
  • - vapor barrier;
  • - mineral-cotton heater;
  • - waterproofing;
  • - fire-resistant isolation;
  • - lining;
  • - brackets;
  • - nails.

1. At first it is necessary to examine carefully bath, to determine all amount of works, to count necessary materials. After their preparation start repair.

2. If you have found gaps between logs, close up them sealing material. It is the easiest and economical way. More expensive and labor-consuming — external warming of the room. But this way considerably will change your bath, will make it as the newcomer and will allow to stay not one more decade. For this purpose build the ventilated facade. At first on logs set vapor barrier, later lay layer of mineral-cotton heater and waterproofing. Make external finishing board lining. It is also possible to sheathe and other facing material.

3. You pass to repair of roof further. But previously check the oven. If you have conceived to change the furnace, then it is possible, you should shift flue. Today it can be carried out not only brick. Also metal flues or from haydite are popular. Then perform these works first of all. Especially carefully close up connections between pipe and roof, proizoliruyta their fire-resistant materials. Also do not forget about ventilation.

4. It is the best of all to replace windows. Order modern double-glazed windows. They well transfer the increased humidity and keep heat.

5. Sheathe doors lining or if there is opportunity, replace new.

6. Internal works assume check of drain. For this purpose remove floors and eliminate leaks. Floors can be not changed completely. Remove the rotten boards, on their place put new. Check ceiling. It can also be sheathed lining.

7. If have conceived to sheathe sweating room, then it is better to use the same lining or tree of such breeds as linden, aspen. And here the birch, oak, ash-tree do not suit for rooms with high temperature drop. If you want to use breeds of coniferous trees, consider that when heating from them pitch will be emitted.

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