How to repair drain tank of toilet bowl

How to repair drain tank of toilet bowl

Unfortunately, any plumbing periodically fails. However for elimination of some breakages it is not obligatory to resort to services of professional plumbers at all. The majority of malfunctions of drain tank of toilet bowl can be eliminated independently.

It is required to you

  • - wrench;
  • - hammer;
  • - rigid brush;
  • - silicone lubricant.


1. Before repair it is necessary to block water in strut. Uncover drain tank. It is necessary to handle this part very accurately since covers are on sale only complete with toilet bowl.

2. Define type of breakage. Some types of damages can be corrected even without sorting tank. One of often found problems is receipt too small or, on the contrary, too large amount of water in drain tank. It is possible to solve it, having adjusted the float-operated lever. Slightly bend the wire holding float, up or in bottom depending on desirable result. If necessary it is possible to replace the lever, having made new of thick wire.

3. Other widespread problem is the situation when water constantly flows from water supply pipes in drain tank, without filling it. Check the provision of float of toilet bowl. If it is warped and lies at the bottom - just move it hand in different directions. Correct locking klanan. If the problem remained unresolved - it is necessary to sort tank.

4. Drain water from tank. Disconnect toilet bowl float from the bringing valve. For this purpose turn off the nut fixing flushing pipe by means of wrench. Weaken the siphon nut which is in the tank basis. If it is impossible to make it from the first, try to weaken captive nut, having slightly knocked on it with the hammer. Take siphon.

5. Carefully clean all parts from dirt and lime by means of rigid brush. Wash with flowing water. It is not recommended to use cleaning powders.

6. Attentively examine float. If its tightness is broken and in design water is filled in, then the float is subject to replacement. For the emergency repair it is possible to resort to small cunnings. Pour out water of float and hermetically pack it into plastic bag. Fix package on the float-operated lever.

7. Examine siphon membrane. If the membrane is damaged, then water will constantly flow from tank in toilet bowl. If necessary replace laying.

8. Carefully process threaded connections silicone lubricant. Collect tank in the return sequence. Include water supply and make sure of operability of plumbing.

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