How to repair extract

How to repair extract

Almost in each kitchen there is extract - it represents the exhaust fan intended for removal of steam and parts of fat which fill room air in cooking time. Distinguish two types of extracts: recirculation (that is filtering) and taking away. Duration of the operational period of this adaptation in many respects depends on correctness of care for extracts. But nevertheless, if suddenly the exhaust fan has failed, it can be repaired also in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • - filters;
  • - water;
  • - soap;
  • - screw-driver;
  • - safety lock;
  • - bulb;
  • - coal granules.


1. If the extract ceases to function properly, the hammered filter can be one of the reasons of it. In most cases change of color of the zhiroulavlivayushchy filter can become the additional proof confirming need of replacement of the filter.

2. Of course, the frequency of replacement of the filter depends on intensity of use of the exhaust fan, but at the same time there are also certain norms: replace zhiroulavlivayushchy filters not less once a quarter.

3. As for fiber filters, you can not change them for new - they reusable therefore such filter can be washed out in warm soapsuds, to dry and establish into place. Surely accompany change of the filter with cleaning of airintaking grid.

4. Before replacing charcoal filter (it is calculated on half a year-year), remove airintaking grid and check whether it is possible to disassemble the filter on edge. If the filter understands, you should not buy charcoal filter: it is enough to fill up inside new coal granules, and the extract will work further, as at the new filter.

5. If the extract does not join, make sure that it is included in the socket and in that there is tension.

6. If the problem is still not fixed, check whether the safety lock has fused in fork and also make sure of correctness of fastening of wires (for this purpose, of course, sort fork of parch cord of extract).

7. In that case if the exhaust fan works, but the lamp on extract is not lit, replace old bulb new (in order that to make it, on some extracts it is necessary to remove plafond, and on others – airintaking grid).

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