How to repair heel

How to repair heel

Comfortable and strong footwear often becomes pledge of good mood. But here in case of footwear exit out of operation it is necessary to lament much. How to be if has flown away heel, and the budget does not provide purchase of new footwear? The easiest way to put footwear in order – to carry it in specialized workshop. If that is inaccessible, it is possible to try to give footwear repair by own efforts, without leaving the house.

It is required to you

  • Insulating tape, tin strips, kapron, the soldering iron, glue for footwear, shoe carnations, the hammer


1. For repair of spike heels of women's shoes you need insulating tape or strip of tin and the warmed plastic. Envelop heel insulating tape (tin strip). Fill the formed deepening with previously warmed plastic. Cut plastic from sole of old unnecessary footwear; it is possible to use also melted kapron. Densely stamp the softened plastic or kapron that weight has come into heel cavity. Now smooth down surface. After such repair the heel-tap will keep long enough on heel.

2. Use kapron also for repair of heels on rubber or leather sole. Heels at daily sock wear out rather often, and to address every time in shoe workshop happens burdensome. Well dry up the place where it is necessary to build up kapron. Smooth out the place of repair by abrasive paper. After that take the warmed soldering iron and wipe the prepared site. Product material at the same time will a little char and will become sticky.

3. Start welding. Take kapron stocking and cut off from it the piece suitable by the size. Compress kapron and apply to the place prepared for welding. Press the end of kapron sting of the warmed soldering iron. Rub the melted part of kapron in vspuzyrivshuyusya leather or rubber. Repeat operation so many time how many it is required in order that the surface of heel became absolutely plain. At the same time level the melted kapron not tip of the soldering iron, but its rod. Such express repair will occupy you no more than half an hour, and the heel will keep not less than for month strengthened socks.

4. If the rubber heel is a little slanted in process socks, level surface shoe knife, having reduced bevel. Then cut out from rubber jamb in form of bevel and paste it. Hammer the pasted jamb with small carnations. Restore thickness of heel rubber heel-tap. Paste heel-tap and beat it carnations. Such way is applied only to correction of small bevel of heel.

5. For repair of plastic heel you podkovyrnit the screw-driver worn-out heel-tap and remove it. You will see slots which heel-tap pins entered. Hammer wooden pins into these slots and rub with chalk. Cut out heel-taps from rubber, apply them to heels and strongly press that on them cretaceous specks have imprinted. Paste heel-tap to heel and hammer into each slot of carnation, being guided on chalk specks.

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