How to repair office chair

How to repair office chair

The majority of breakages of office chairs is the result of overload in use or wear of plastic parts during long life cycle. If chair of inexpensive, most likely, part are made of materials of low quality, and without repair it will serve not for long. When breakage has occurred, do not hurry to buy new furniture – easy to replace the become useless parts new, and it is possible to make it independently.

It is required to you

  • - cross-shaped screw-driver;
  • - flat blade screwdriver;
  • - hammer;
  • - stubs for fastening of wheels;
  • - if replacement – the crosspiece and the gas-lift is required.


1. Sort chair. At first remove sitting: turn crosspiecechair up, unscrew the screw-driver four screws which have fixed sitting, and separate it from piastres. Piastre connects sitting of chair and the gas-lift, it is intended for adjustment of height of chair. Slightly knock with the hammer after piastre, bring down her from the gas-lift.

2. Remove the crosspiece to which wheels fasten, from the gas-lift and get wheels from slots. For removal of the crosspiece put it between two tables and accurately beat out the gas-lift the heavy hammer. If replacement of the crosspiece is not planned, act attentively not to damage it the hammer. Find the ring with five ledges fixing plastic casing in the center of the crosspiece, flat blade screwdriver pick up, and unbend edge of casing, shift casing and remove its edge from ledge. Carry out this procedure for all five casings.

3. Get stubs from the steel body. Insert crosspieces, new in the body. Put on each of five casings back crosspiece beams, fix them on ledges of stopper ring. Establish wheels in new stubs.

4. Collect chair back, having established new to piastre and the gas-lift, you carry out all actions upside-down.

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