How to repair sofa book

How to repair sofa book

The sofa book is design from two identical bases connected among themselves by the special mechanism thanks to which at small effort the sofa turns into full-fledged bed. This design is very convenient in operation and  does not lose the popularity many years. If your old sofa book has worn out — do not hurry to throw out it. It is quite possible to repair it the hands.

  • — wrench;
  • — flat-nose pliers;
  • — slit screw-driver;
  • — spare springs;
  • — foam rubber;
  • — fabric;
  • — construction stapler with brackets;
  • — knife

1. Turn off the nuts fixing sofa sidewalls, using wrench of the suitable size.

2. Remove sidewalls. Turn off the bolts or screws fixing sofa book mechanisms on pallet. Remove and invert seat and back - most likely, you for this purpose need the assistant.

3. Disconnect back from sitting, having turned off bolts. Attentively examine mechanisms - if they are strongly worn-out, then it will be necessary to get and establish new.

4. Remove old cover from sofa back. As a rule, it fastens by means of brackets. It is possible to remove brackets using the slit screw-driver and flat-nose pliers. Get the cotton mattress or polyurethane foam located under cover.

5. Pull out nails which the spring block to sofa framework fastens. Take and attentively examine the block.

6. Dismantle the broken springs, having unscrewed them from below and from above by means of flat-nose pliers. Replace them. For replacement it is possible to use springs from old unnecessary mattress or sofa. The sunk springs are recommended to be stretched hands, without taking out from the block.

7. Install the "updated" spring block into place and record on crucian by means of nails.

8. Make similar repairs of sitting of sofa. As a rule, sitting wears out much more. To increase durability and elasticity of sofa, it is recommended to use foam rubber. Cut it on pieces and densely fill them the spring block. Lay springs dense material and fix on framework by means of nails.

9. Take furniture foam rubber and cut off two pieces corresponding by the sizes to back and sitting of your sofa. Apply the long edge of material to joint of bar and the spring block at the inner edge of framework of back. Make sure that foam rubber is symmetrized concerning framework. Fix material by means of the construction stapler, "shooting" it to the lower edge of bar. Cut off surplus of foam rubber knife.

10. Carry out the similar procedure with sitting of sofa book.

11. If desired, upholster back and sitting of sofa with batting. Establish cover. If the old cover is too worn-out, it is possible to make new.

12. Install mechanisms - be attentive, do not mix left and right. Fix them on pallet and establish sidewalls. Your sofa book is repaired.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team