How to repair the bicycle

How to repair the bicycle

The bicycle remains convenient and universal remedy of movement to this day. It is a pity only that it sometimes breaks. But you do not hurry to despair and roll the machine in repair shop. Some bicycle problems can be fixed independently in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • Wrenches, piece of rubber, glue, chalk, container with water


1. The most widespread breakage of the bicycle – tire puncture at arrival on sharp object. Elimination of this fault will require set of wrenches, container with water, piece of rubber, glue for rubber pasting.

2. Remove the damaged wheel, having turned off fastening nuts. Dismantle from wheel rim the tire with the camera, accurately hooking it for edge wrench or plastic plate. It is not recommended to use sharp objects (for example, the screw-driver) as the camera can put additional damages.

3. Examine tire of the camera and the camera. If you find the sharp object which has become failure cause, remove it.

4. By means of the bicycle pump pump up the camera and submerge it in the container with water. You monitor emergence of bubbles, they will precisely specify where there is punctured place.

5. Wipe the damaged place with rag dry and note it chalk.

6. Cut out patch of round or oval shape from piece of rubber and slightly bigger by the size, than the expected place of puncture. Process the camera and patch the degreasing structure (for example, gasoline).

7. Apply thin and uniform adhesive layer on adherend surfaces. Apply patch to the camera and press. After glue has grabbed, clamp the place of gluing together by the clamp, having enclosed two small wooden plates.

8. After full drying of glue release the camera from clip and again pump up to check how qualitative connection has turned out.

9. Fill the camera in the tire and mount back in wheel. Pump up wheel, establish chain and adjust its tension. The bicycle is ready to trips again.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team