How to repair the block

How to repair the block

Sometimes can happen so that will not save from voltage surge even the reliable surge filter. And the first that will fail, will be computer power supply unit. How to repair it independently?


1. Pay attention that almost all faulty operations of the computer can be connected with malfunctions of power supply unit. Obvious signs of failure of power supply unit: - the computer does not work (on the display there is no cursor, the fan and so forth does not work); - there was smoke; - on the system unit electrolyte drips are noticeable; - on distributive guard the safety lock has burned down.

2. If the power supply unit of your computer not from expensive, then in this case is better not to be engaged in its "doctoring". It is better to buy new more powerfully as quite possibly that it has failed because simply "does not pull" all "iron" installed in the system unit.

3. Remember that it is independently possible to repair power supply unit only when you already have experience with high tension. Otherwise it is better to carry the computer in service workshop. Especially as many manufacturers protect power supply units special screws. However, in turn, producers of tools release screw-drivers, capable these screws to turn off. Other blocks can be mounted also by means of rivets which should be drilled.

4. Open power supply unit. Look whether the internal safety lock has burned down. Replace it. But if you do not eliminate fault which has led to flow of the safety lock, such replacement will give nothing.

5. According to experts, most often the power supply unit breaks because of breakdown of the vypryamitelny diode bridge. "Ring out" all wires leaving power supply unit in the body of the system unit by means of the voltmeter. In case voltage less than 5 Volts, take ohmmeter and measure resistance between any 2 conclusions of the diode bridge. If resistance less than 1 Ohm is also equivalent in both directions, replace the diode bridge with more powerful as it is the reason of failure of power supply unit.

6. After replacement of the diode bridge check diodes and in secondary vypryamitelny chains. But before it disconnect all wires of power supply unit from all system devices. Include power supply unit. Check tension. If it within norm, but power supply unit does not give signs of life, means tension converter is faulty. Check all diodes or diode packs by means of ohmmeter. Find the failed diode. Replace it similar.

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