How to repair the brick furnace

How to repair the brick furnace

The brick furnace is reliable source of heat in the house. But over time any furnace begins to lose the functional performance: there are cracks, bricks are loosened, paint falls off, drop out or badly doors keep. It not only unattractively looks, but also is very unsafe for human life.

It is required to you

  • - clay;
  • - sand;
  • - water;
  • - palette;
  • - brush;
  • - bricks;
  • - steel grit;
  • - slaked lime;
  • - ammonia solution;
  • - water glass cement;
  • - asbestos cord.


1. If bricks began to keep poorly in laying, they need to be strengthened immediately. For a start take the loosened bricks and carefully clean under them the place from residues of clay mix. Remove dust and crumbs of solution. Moisten the cleaned and prepared surface with water by means of brush or brush, thanks to it solution will quickly not be dehydrated. Take brick (not very well, new or old) and soak it in water, grease with clay mix and insert into the prepared aperture. Carefully cover seams.

2. If the furnace door has broken up or has cracked (no matter for what reason), fasten them with heat-resistant putty which can be prepared in house conditions. Mix one kilogram of steel grit, hundred grams of slaked lime, twenty grams of ammonia solution and hundred grams of water glass cement. Carefully mix everything and use for repair of the furnace.

3. If at laying of the furnace the bad solution which does not have necessary durability was used, fill seams with independently prepared mix. Previously clear away seams the palette on depth of five-six centimeters and remove dust. Then prepare solution: mix clay and water in equal proportions, stiff dough has to turn out. Add sand and carefully mix. Moisten small sites of seams with water and fill seams with solution, remove surplus and condense with thin plate. Furnace walls during repair have to be hot.

4. For warming of door take from oven laying frame together with door. Replace the become useless paws of frame new. Clear away laying in door installation site, moisten with water and establish back so that claws have strictly entered seams. Fill seams with clay mortar and close up slot (between frame and door) asbestos cord.

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