How to repair the chainsaw

How to repair the chainsaw

The chainsaw – the irreplaceable tool for fast and high-quality sawing up of wood, with its help it is possible to dump easily tree, to cut off branches, to cut trunk. The saw is useful and at construction of the house from bar. Independence of electric power supplies and high performance make the main advantages of the chainsaw. It is necessary only to learn how to eliminate malfunctions of this tool.

It is required to you

  • Screw-driver, set of wrenches, repair kit.


1. If the engine of the chainsaw is not started, then the lack of spark or the wrong fuel supply can be the possible cause of it. Make sure that the ignition switch is in situation "Is included".

2. Check serviceability of the ignition coil and replace it in case of fault. At the same time clean spark plug. For check of correctness of work of candle try to change it for another.

3. The next stage of troubleshooting – check of fuel system. Examine the fuel filter and make its cleaning. The engine can sometimes not be started during the misadjusting of screws of the carburetor or wear of its parts. Wash out the elements making the carburetor – the filter, needle, diaphragm. For worn out parts use repair kit.

4. One of possible failure causes of the chainsaw – insufficient compression because of wear of tsilindro-piston group and also bad inhaling of candle or decay of its laying. Eliminate fault, having replaced old parts. Tighten candle, if necessary replace laying.

5. If the engine is started, but does not develop power, then, perhaps, the bad quality of fuel mix or hit of water in it became the reason for that. Wash out the carburetor and replace fuel mix with qualitative.

6. When overheating the engine adjust the carburetor as, most likely, in the engine the grown poor mix moves. One more possible reason of overheating – violation of proportion of oil in fuel. In this case replace fuel.

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