How to repair the cracked wooden chairs

How to repair the cracked wooden chairs

The chairs made of tree crack over time and begin to be unsteady. It becomes impossible to sit on such chair. You do not hurry to leave these home decoration. Perhaps, you had had occasion not only to repair chairs, but also to turn them into interior highlight.

The first stage of work

Attentively examine wooden chair from all directions. That to repair it, it will be necessary to sort piece of furniture on components. Remember its design. Best of all for the beginning master to photograph chair from all directions then to know for sure where and what part fastens.

Invert chair and look at fastening of soft or rigid seat. It can be fixed by bolts, and can just be inserted into grooves. Pull out it and put aside.

Separate legs and the remained crossbeams of chair from each other. If somewhere there are screws, unscrew them. Investigate other connections by means of the hammer and wooden bar. You strike all blows to chair only through bar that you did not form dents and chips on wooden surface. Clean all grooves from residues of glue. Use the screw-driver, pricker and abrasive paper. Examine wood nails. If some of them it is damaged, pull out it flat-nose pliers. Grease deepening with joiner's glue of PVA and insert new. Smooth out other thorns abrasive paper.

For repair of chairs use joiner's or the PVA furniture glue. In them there are special additives which after drying of glue keep elasticity of connection. At operation of chair the tree will not collapse.

Assembly of chair

Spread on floor of the newspaper or polyethylene film. Densely coating grooves and thorns with PVA glue, collect chair design. Densely press each connection so that glue came to surface. At first remove its surplus knife blade, and then at once wipe with damp rag.

If the groove has become loose and became too big for the thorn inserted into it, drive in it still wooden shchepochka, toothpick or wooden skewer, having missed the mark them with glue.

Densely record collected framework of your wooden rarity rope and leave to dry for day or two, depending on ambient temperature.

Updating of seat

While timber frame construction dries, be engaged in seat. Remove panel material from soft seat. Look in what state foam rubber. If necessary remove it. Cut out new piece of foam rubber and fix it on seat by means of double-sided adhesive tape. Put old upholstery on the newspaper and circle with the handle. Cut pattern and transfer it to new material. If fine fabric, make substrate on foam rubber of other dense material. Collect seat. Fit it new fabric, having fixed it from reverse side by brackets from the furniture stapler. Update the dried timber frame construction of chair. Remove from it old varnish covering by means of the grinder and abrasive paper. Close up all old chips putty on tree. Ground surface, and after drying put several varnish coats with intermediate drying. Insert seat into place.

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