How to repair the fridge

How to repair the fridge

Repair of the fridge can be excessive business for the house handyman. It concerns those cases when breakage rather serious. Here it is better to address the qualified specialist, but in certain cases it can fix problem with this household device also to the ordinary person armed with simple tools and who is strictly following safety rules during the work with electricity.


1. If your fridge does not give signs of life, it is necessary to begin with check of serviceability of electric wiring. Open fridge door: if at the same time the bulb lights up, wiring is correct. Otherwise it is necessary to check wall plug and the socket. It is possible also that it is all about bulb which has only fused.

2. Having made sure of serviceability of electrical plug and the socket, check whether wires are reliably connected to relay conclusions. Remove the relay (it is located on compressor casing), and then install it again. Check reliability of contact in the wires suitable to the relay.

3. Check serviceability of temperature regulator. For this purpose it needs to be switched on and off several times. If at the same time there is no characteristic click, the temperature regulator is subject to replacement.

4. Quite often at start of the unit the knock is heard. It can arise at strong rocking of casing of the compressor. Then it is necessary to adjust fastening bolts on suspender springs. One more reason of knock – the weakened screws fixing the condenser. Tighten screws.

5. Violation of tightness of door is defined by fast frosting-up of the evaporator. Can point out frequent turning on of the fridge lack of tightness. For elimination of such fault it is necessary to adjust the hinged system of door.

6. As one of the possible reasons of bad operation of the fridge voltage drop can serve in current network. In this case the corresponding power conditioner is required.

7. If all your efforts have not led to recovery of the fridge, then it is necessary to resort to the qualified specialist. It is desirable to use services of specialized workshop.

8. You can eliminate small external damages of the fridge independently. For example, small scratches on its surface can be painted over enamel of the corresponding color. If scratches so deep that through them metal is looked through, it is necessary to smooth out the damaged place abrasive paper, to process gasoline, to impose priming mix. After drying smooth out surface abrasive paper again, and then use enamel.

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