How to repair the oil heater

How to repair the oil heater

If the oil heater, "belief and the truth" the served any year, has suddenly ceased to function, do not hurry to throw out it. The fact is that this device is quite failsafe therefore, having repaired the oil heater, it is possible to prolong its operational term for a long time.

It is required to you

  • - screw-driver;
  • - ohmmeter;
  • - abrasive paper;
  • - file;
  • - alcohol;
  • - ink;
  • - rags;
  • - bimetal plate.


1. If the heater which is switched on in network of power supply does not heat up, and the illuminated indicator does not shine, so violation of electrocontact in cord fork, injury of veins of wire or weakening of fastening of veins to terminals in the control unit can become failure cause.

2. Examine attentively fork and parch cord. If there are no visible damages, turn off nuts by means of which the panel on the control unit fastens, and after accurately remove at first spring washers, and then round.

3. Uncover and check connections.

4. Then ring out power supply cable ohmmeter. Check degree of inhaling of contact screws which have recorded the ends of cable cores of power supply. If at the contacting elements there is deposit, smooth out them abrasive paper to gloss. Attach the "restored" parch cord to the control unit, then establish cover from this block into place and record it.

5. By means of ohmmeter make sure that there is no short circuit in current carrying parts of the oil heater then turn on the electric device in the socket and check its work.

6. In that case if failure cause – short circuit of contacts of temperature regulator, uncover the control unit, previously having turned off the nuts fixing it. Then turn off nut from the screw, and you stop its head by means of the screw-driver on the other side of the panel. Accurately remove washer, and then emphasis.

7. After that raise anchor (it is necessary to do it carefully: do not assume that the bimetal plate was bent) and attentively examine contacts under it. "Restore" contacts, nadpiliv their file and having smoothed out fine-grained abrasive paper. Wipe contacts with alcohol and collect temperature regulator.

8. Often the failure cause is in the broken bimetal plate. To repair the oil heater, for a start sort temperature regulator.

9. Then install the handle regulating the thermal mode in the provision of the minimum heating and remove it from head of the regulating screw (before to make it, on adjustment screw make the mark ink indicating arrangement of this element concerning frame).

10. Then unscrew screws and pull out nut from deepenings, and later remove frame and plate spring from the panel.

11. Remove the screw and nut which create motionless contact, and remove bimetal plate. For removal of magnet partially dismantle long rod of the sensor.

12. Replace bimetal plate with new and collect the control unit.

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