How to repair the wall clock

How to repair the wall clock

By operation principle of the clockwork it is possible to allocate three main types of the wall clock - electronic, electronic and mechanical and mechanical. Example of the simplest design of the mechanical clock with the kettlebell engine - acquaintances practically all the cuckoo clock. On their example it is possible to consider typical breakages of this type of hours and also ways of their elimination.


1. Sound signals of cuckoo do not coincide with the indication of arrows to chasovproverta the provision of pin of turning shaft. If it is unbent - turn in it up. For elimination of this malfunction it is not obligatory to sort hours - rather simply to open door in the right window of the body.

2. The number of blows of fight does not coincide with the indication streloksnimit the fight weight. Put hour hand on the digit corresponding to the number of the sounded blows. Attach the fight weight into place and expose real time by means of hour and minute arrows. If fault did not manage to be eliminated, it is necessary to adjust account lever gap in grooves of calculating circle. Open back wall of the watch case. Establish in what place of calculating circle the fight gets off. Turn in fight throw-in lever legs in the necessary party.

3. Pins of minute wheel Accurately drop out remove hands. Remove hook and open door of cuckoo. Disconnect and remove the body panel. Install the weight of fight and attentively observe operation of the clockwork. Disconnect minute wheel and the sleeve. If necessary correct pins of minute wheel. Insert pins into place and accurately fix.

4. Figure of cuckoo to zastryalaotkroyta back wall of the watch case. Study the provision of tail part of figure. The figure of cuckoo has to be on the top plane of whistle. Establish figure on the put place and record it on bracket.

5. The voice of cuckoo sounds in a wrong way and slabootkrutit attachment screws of bellows. Remove bellows from the body and check their sounding. For this purpose it is necessary to lift and lower bellows several times. Clean sound slot of bellows and achieve desirable tone. For increase in sound it is necessary to turn in a little the fur lever down, for jingle elimination - up.

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