How to repair the welding machine

How to repair the welding machine

Almost each zealous owner liking at a leisure something to make on the site by own hands will try to catch the small-sized electrowelding machine by means of which it is possible to manufacture the mass of subsidiary devices and objects of use in the order. For example, to lay water supply system to the fountainlet and to build near it openwork gazebo.

It is required to you

  • - device for arc welding,
  • - ohmmeter,
  • - insulating tape.


1. The greatest distribution for application in life was received by small devices for welding of metal parts electrodes of alternating current. In essence - they are the simplest lowering transformers having two windings: primary and secondary (with several conclusions), collected on metal core.

2. On conclusions of the primary winding the alternating voltage of 220 volts moves, and with the second current with a force up to forty amperes is removed. For the purpose of change of the mode of welding which depends on thickness of the used electrode and the welded preparations conclusions of secondary winding are connected to the multi-stage switch. The cable with the holder also is connected to it.

3. Having passed small educational program, there is obvious the fact that in the similar simplest device and to break there is nothing. But, as the great classic has told: ""The morning sun never lasts a day"". And when the transformer suddenly, unexpectedly, has ceased to light electrode, first of all it is disconnected from network, and then extent of heating of primary and secondary windings is checked. What will help to define the further direction of search of causes of failure of the device in work.

4. Overheating of the transformer can turn out to be consequence of short circuit of rounds of inductor coils. This case is the heaviest for repair. Most likely - they should be rewound. It will be necessary to disassemble the transformer, to separate the closed winding, to determine by micrometer the section of wire and to get same from dealers.

5. Then from the defective coil the damaged wire is taken up. During this procedure the calculation of quantity of rounds which number will be required further for winding of the transformer is conducted.

6. But happens and so that in performance of above-mentioned actions the need disappears, and the break of arch was the result of failure of the multi-stage switch and loss of contact of the connected welding cable. And simple replacement of the burned-down switch will return to the transformer former working capacity. In any business, diagnostics of the arisen problems – basis of bases.

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