How to repair upholstered furniture

How to repair upholstered furniture

There is nothing eternal, and even expensive qualitative furniture is subject to influence of time and can lose presentable look. You can make repair. The upholstery of upholstered furniture suffers most of all, it is torn, soiled and extended. Therefore you need to pick up modern panel material and to draw sofa and chairs.

It is required to you

  • - upholstery fabric;
  • - white canvas;
  • - batting.


1. Pick up fabric for future upholstery. It has to be dense, not last too strongly, to have pleasant coloring. Fabric can be with the drawing or monophonic. Material just for decoration will approach strong that the upholstery has not torn. If you have cat, ask special material which does not give in to animal claws. Choose nice on the touch fabric.

2. Remove old upholstery, over coir fiber or horsehair, you need to lay batting layer. In this case upholstery fabric will not be pressed through. Batting 25 millimeters thick will approach. Instead of this material you can take interlining, but it is made of synthetic fibers.

3. For a start process batting or interlining inside of handles, then - back inside. Now you can start finishing of seat with the basis. In this case it will be easier for you to pull covering from flax which has to hold batting in the right place. Take measurements of old upholstery and calculate material consumption.

4. Pay attention that by means of interlining or batting it is possible to completely change initial form of furniture. In that case measurements should be taken not of old upholstery, and of the furniture trimmed with batting. Before processing design coarse calico, double-check form and softness of furniture, these characteristics have to suit you completely.

5. Hardly pull linen fabric on lining from batting. On surface there should not be no uniform wrinkle. Beat rear or first line to the lower part small nails or brackets, the distance between them has to be six centimeters. Pull the rest of upholstery from flax.

6. Make patterns for the main upholstery, longitudinal thread of material has to pass along seat and back. Leave several centimeters on podgibka. Process all face angles of upholstery. To trim seat with rounded corners, you watch that free part of fabric was distributed evenly on both parties. Pull the ends of material and beat brackets under crossbeam. Pull other fabric on all furniture, accurately cut off excess upholstery.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team