How to replace apricot

How to replace apricot

Change of the apricot relating to family of stone can be made even then when the tree reaches in height of two meters. The best time – early spring when the tree has not wakened to activity yet.


1. Apricot – the southern plant therefore loves heat and light. Also it is necessary to select the place for change according to these criteria. It is the best of all to place it on South side of the site protected from direct blowing off by winds.

2. Having made the decision on change of apricot, the place for change should be prepared since fall. The hole size under rhizome of apricot has to be such that it exceeded projection of branched krone of plant twice. The distance to the next trees should not be less than three meters. Depth of hole depends on age of tree, that is on branching of its root system. The bottom of hole needs to be covered gravel layer of good drainage, dry branches.

3. Fill up drainage with big layer of the earth. For this purpose the cespitose soil needs to be mixed with organic chemistry from humus and if the soil of the increased acidity, to add lime or dolomite flour. If the soil poor, hole for change has to be bigger by the size. It will create favorable conditions for development of root system.

4. It is useful to add mineral fertilizers, such as superphosphate and ammonium nitrate to the paved way. Carefully mix fertilizers with the soil to exclude contact of roots directly with fertilizers, it can cause burn of roots. If clay soil, prepare the earth from clay (only red), sand and peat

5. The tree is established in hole strictly vertically, straighten roots and begins to be covered with earth. The earth is densely trampled down, but not stamped: it is only enough to make sure that the plant is well recorded.

6. Around trunk form hillock, without filling up part of its radical area. After change around of root system it is necessary to dig through superficial watering groove. The tree should be watered well.

7. And during summer season you make watering after change regularly. By fall reduce its intensity that growth of roots has stopped, and then stop watering at all to reduce activity of roots to approach of winter. After harvesting the apricots can be watered to restore vital forces of tree which have been spent for maturing of fruits.

8. Care for the replaced apricot consists in regular loosening of root circle and weeding. For the rest care represents, as usual for fruit-trees, undercutting and removal of dry branches. For the winter the trunks of apricot wrap up if the tree grows in severe weather conditions. Though the apricot is resistant to drought, it is better to create it comfortable conditions, then it will be abundant to blossom and fructify.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team