How to replace arrowroot

How to replace arrowroot

Arrowroot — grassy plant with magnificent oval or lanceolate leaves. Some plants of this family possess motley leaves, and only one this quality is capable to make arrowroot worthy decoration of the dwelling. Sort arrowroot from tropical forests of Brazil. It prefers to grow in shadow and at big humidity. When the plant stops releasing new leaves, is inclined to ""leaf fall"" and has faded appearance, so has come it is time to replace it. How to replace arrowroot, each amateur flower grower has to know.

It is required to you

  • - new wide pot;
  • - brush;
  • - soap;
  • - teapot with boiled water;
  • - gravel;
  • - wood charcoal;
  • - earth.


1. Wait for spring. This tropical plant transfers change to other time not really well. Of course, can arise situation when not to do without it. It can happen if the arrowroot was watered is too abundant at bad drainage. In such situation more nothing needs to be done how to dig out plant, to cut off sick roots and to plant it in new pot, undertaking all safety precautions. But the healthy plant has to follow natural life cycles.

2. Prepare pot. Take wide, diameter there is slightly more former. The common practice of flower growers when choosing pot for change place in it former, works and in this case. The old vessel has to be located freely in new, but at the same time the interval between walls remains very small. Properly wash up the new dwelling for your flower rigid brush. Cleaning agents are not obligatory, but it is possible to make soap solution. It is better to use children's or laundry soap. Trace that in day of pot there was opening.

3. Wash up small stones and too drench them with boiled water. The arrowroot is extremely sensitive to water content in the soil therefore the good drainage is necessary. It is the one bottom best to fill binding gravel or pebbles. Also artificial soil will be suitable for aquarium. It does not react neither with water, nor with the earth.

4. Cover opening in day of pot with crock or stone of the average size. It should not close hole very densely. From above fill drainage layer.

5. Prepare the earth. The nutritious soil consisting of equal parts of sand, humus, the sheet and cespitose earth is suitable for all species of arrowroot. It is possible to pick up suitable mix in flower shop. On packages of the garden earth its structure is usually written. Add pieces of wood charcoal to the soil. Fill a little earth in pot so that it has covered drainage layer. Slightly humidify the soil.

6. Dig out arrowroot of old pot. It is the best of all to replace any plant together with earth lump unless it has ached. The lump at the same time should not be big. It can turn out and so that there is practically no earth left on roots, and from pot you have pulled out weight, exterior reminding felt. It means that the flower should have been replaced long ago. Anyway put plant in new pot, having given it the most vertical position. Fill the earth evenly between earth lump and walls of pot. From above cover roots with soil layer. Well water plant.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team