How to replace bamboo

How to replace bamboo

Bamboo – the largest and fast-growing grass in the world. At the expense of the exotic look this plant is capable to become the real decoration of the room. The bamboo is rather unpretentious, but change is stress for any plant. By means of the correct actions it is possible to minimize this stress.

It is required to you

  • - New flowerpot;
  • - Soil for bamboo;
  • - Drainage;
  • - Medicine for the best rooting of houseplants.


1. Change of shank of bamboo from water in soil. Initially the sprout is placed in water in order that it has taken root. The best moment for change – when they have reached length of 2-4 cm. If it is less, then the plant will not take roots and if it is more - they can be broken accidentally as they are very fragile. So, at first prepare flowerpot: fill about 3-4 cm of drainage and thin soil layer there. Then take out bamboo from water and accurately shake water from roots. Powder damp roots medicine for rooting and add couple of pinches to the soil which you will pour to pot. This means helps plant to take root and smoothes shock from change of the habitat. Then place bamboo in pot. You hold it at the necessary height on the center of pot and begin to pour in the small portions soil. Put the earth evenly, periodically accurately trampling down it until the pot is not filled. Be accurate, do not break backs. Then water plant and if the earth uset – add still.

2. Sometimes the shank is placed not in water, and in hydrogel. It is polymer which is capable to absorb and hold amount of water, own volume ten times exceeding it. Hydrogel can be considered intermediate phase between cultivation of bamboo in water and in the earth. Very often happens that roots have too strongly grown, and there is risk them to break. Often backs of bamboo break at the basis that is very dangerous to plant. In that case they should be cut accurately with sharp scissors to length at most 5-6 cm. Then accurately wash out backs flowing cool (but not cold!) water from residues of hydrogel. Further all as in the previous point: you prepare pot, you apply the implanting medicine, you place in capacity and accurately you powder with the earth.

3. The large bamboo is on sale in shops already in the soil, but mostly it is so-called "transportation soil". It easier normal earth and practically does not drop out of pot at inclination, but at the same time in it there are no nutrients and this soil in itself – temporary measure. It is necessary to get rid of it as soon as possible. Perhaps, it is the most difficult way of change. For a start you need to shake out earth lump from pot, without having damaged plant. Then strongly wet the soil water and hands carefully break off pieces from lump, you will not reach roots yet. Then wash roots from substrate under water jet until they become clean. Further the same – pot, medicine-ukorenitel, landing.

4. Transfer of bamboo in pot of the bigger size. It is the easiest way and plants transfer it well. You only need to shake out bamboo from pot together with earth lump, to place it in the capacity of the bigger size and to fill up the necessary number of the soil. Then to water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team