How to replace cabbage

How to replace cabbage

The beginning gardeners often experience difficulties with change of seedling of cabbage: the plants planted in soil quite often perish, bringing a lot of disappointment and excess efforts. The reason can be in the wrong change.

It is required to you

  • - shovel;
  • - humus;
  • - mineral fertilizers.


1. To avoid similar annoying situations, it is necessary to approach cultivation of cabbage very responsibly. Seedling prepared in due form will transfer change easier. After emergence of two real leaves the seedlings need to be raspikirovat. For this purpose pencil in the humidified soil to make vertical opening and to lower in it root, burying plant to cotyledonous leaves and trying not to damage back. The soil needs to be condensed with hands around.

2. It is important not to allow thickening of seedling to avoid development of fungal infections and black leg. At this disease the small stalk of cabbage dries up between root and cotyledonous leaves and the plant perishes or forms the bent stalk. If seedling was extended after the sword-play, it is necessary to pour lands to the basis of the first leaves.

3. It is not less important to prepare correctly soil and to introduce fertilizers. Cabbage likes alkaline soils therefore it is necessary to introduce lime and potash fertilizers on 1 tsp in each hole (it is possible to replace with handful of wood ashes). It will save cabbage from kil – dangerous disease of roots at which seedling also perishes. It is important to observe crop rotation and not to plant cabbage on the old place. Plants will badly feel after other cruciferae family: radishes, garden radish, swede.

4. Holes need to be dug out on the shovel bayonet depth that plant roots freely were located in it. When landing it is necessary to watch that the back was not bent up. It is impossible to cover with earth and growth point – that place from where cabbage throws out new leaves. The stalk needs to be covered with earth, burying also the lower sheets. In such conditions on it new backs are formed and at development the head of cabbage will receive more power supply.

5. The distance between seedling has to be 60kh50sm, for late 70kh60sm to avoid excessive shadowing. At change it is necessary it is abundant to spill hole water (not less 1-1.5l), and after falling asleep of roots by the earth to condense the soil.

6. The mulch will help to avoid excessive evaporation of moisture – the soil under plant needs to be filled up with humus, the rerotting sawdust or peat. It is necessary to replace cabbage evenings, it is better to do it in cloudy weather. When there is hot weather, after landing it is necessary pritenyat plants. For this purpose it is possible to use make-shifts: burdock leaves, buckets full of holes, nonwoven ukryvny material, etc.

7. One more danger trapping cabbage seedling after change – cruciferous flea beetle. Until cabbage has grown, it is necessary is twice a day abundant to water it and to loosen the soil and also to spray with insecticide. Corrado will suit, "Commodore". If the gardener is negative to use of chemical medicines, it is necessary to sprinkle cabbage with wood ashes, being careful as it it is possible to cause burn of leaves.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team