How to replace dragon tree

How to replace dragon tree

Moving to new pot – important point in lives of any plant, new round in its development. From that, how correctly change is also in due time made, the plant future depends.

  • - soil;
  • - pot;
  • - drainage (haydite, average fractions);
  • - knife and blade;
  • - water of room temperature.

1. Whether to replace dragon tree right after purchase? On the one hand it needs to be done with any plant – the window plants bought in shop by the time of their purchase could already exhaust all nutrients in the soil and "grow" from the pot. And pots in which plants, most often temporary, not really quality are on sale. Besides in them there is no drainage and is frequent even drainage holes. On the other hand, as for dragon tree – it cannot be replaced at all seasons of the year. Change needs to be made only in the spring. Therefore if you have bought plant in other time, and it feels normally (leaves do not turn yellow, do not fall down), it is better to wait for approach of spring.

2. Dragon trees which live at your place need change every year. That is every spring it is necessary to go to shop behind new pot, substrate and to carry out change. Substrate and pot – two important components at change of dragon tree. These plants suit only well trained soil with large amount of peat, acidity it is not higher than 6.5 pH. It is impossible to use garden soil from the site or old, remained from other flowers at all. If you wish to make soil independently, it is necessary to mix the cespitose and sheet earth, compost, riding peat and fine-grained bank sand (for adult dragon trees it is necessary to take coarse-grained). Ratio following – 2:1:1:0,5:0,5.

3. The pot for dragon tree should be chosen carefully too. It has to be ideal by the size and should not be big. The dragon tree 50 cm high requires pot no more than 20 cm. On volume – is 2-3 cm more than previous. The pot can be plastic, but better will "be breathed" to roots in ceramic. Besides it is steadier. Drainage holes and layer of drainage (crushed fines of haydite for young plants and large - for adults) at the bottom of pot are obligatory. The dragon tree does not stand stagnation of water.

4. The pot needs to be disinfected boiled water. To fill in it drainage and it is a little soil. It is accurate to take dragon tree from old capacity and to exempt roots from old soil. Roots need to be examined, sprayed with water from spray. If there are damaged and died off backs, they are deleted with knife and powder cut with pounded wood charcoal. Then the plant is located in new pot and is filled up with soil at the same level at which it grew. Soil is trampled down that inside it was not formed emptiness, and pours down water. In two months the replaced dragon tree it is necessary to feed up. Best of all for this purpose to use "Zircon".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team