How to replace fir

How to replace fir

The fir easily transfers change at young age, but adult copies take root badly. The tree can be replaced in the spring or in the fall, and it is desirable to carry out landing in cloudy day, it is the best of all — before rain.


1. Change of fir is recommended to carry out in April, to blooming of kidneys. In the fall it can be done since the end of August until the end of September. Fir of tenevynosliv therefore both the shady, and solar place will be suitable for its landing. However it is necessary to remember, the tree buys typical krone only at sufficient lighting.

2. For change of fir choose the damp, but not remoistened, well trained loams. If on the site water stands, it can lead to delay of growth of tree and also to defeat by various fungal diseases.

3. Approximately in 2 weeks prior to change it is necessary to prepare seat — to make hole, to prorykhlit it and to fill with nutritious mix. At first dig out hole of 60-80 cm in depth, its width depends on the size of root system of tree. If the soil heavy and clay, at the bottom it is necessary to make drainage of the beaten brick or filling brick laid by layer of 10-20 cm.

4. It is necessary to prorykhlit hole bottom on depth of 10-15 cm and to fill it half with mix of the sheet earth, humus, bank sand, peat and clay soil. Then it is necessary to add 10 kg of sawdust and 200-300 g of nitroammofoska. Filling of hole is well mixed and filled hillock, it is powdered from above with the garden earth which is not containing fertilizers.

5. Having straightened roots horizontally, the fir is planted in hole and covered garden with earth. At the same time the sapling needs to be moved so that his root neck has appeared at ground level. The distance between firs in avenues has to be about 4-5 m, in groups — 3-3.5 m, in green hedges the trees place in chessboard order. After change the fir needs abundant watering, and in the spring — spraying.

6. Young firs need regular scarification at depth of 10-15 cm and also weeding of weeds. Then it is necessary to mulch pristvolny circle spill, sawdust and peat layer 5-8 cm thick. Young plants need the shelter for the winter and in protection against late spring frosts. For this purpose the soil in pristvolny circle is filled up with peat and dry leaves, thickness of layer has to be 10-12 cm. The krone of fir is covered with fir twigs.

7. In 2-3 years after change recommend to bring regularly in pristvolny circle 100-125 g/sq.m. the kemiry-station wagon. Only hygrophilous species of fir need watering, for them in droughty weather pour out 15-20 l of water under each plant. However it is not necessary to be fond of watering as overwetting is contraindicated to firs.

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