How to replace fir-trees

How to replace fir-trees

Fir-trees well grow on moderately lit sites, preferring shadow. In order that their roots did not rot, it is necessary to provide good drainage system. Especially it will be relevant on heavy clay soils. Peat soils need preliminary lime application which makes sense to carry out time in five-seven years. Otherwise fir-trees on the site will be low, sickly, slabovetvisty, in some cases at them needles can be showered.

It is required to you

  • - soil;
  • - fertilizers;
  • - planting stock;
  • - water;
  • - shovel;
  • - watering can.


1. Dig out young fir-trees which you want to replace to yourself to the site. It is better to dig out in the forest where obvious thickness of landings is observed. Try to outline at first kind of square with the parties about 30-40 cm around tree. Then, deepening the shovel pin, cut earth lump together with young fir-tree. For change trees up to 0.5 m high are suitable, it is better not to touch others, the risk is high that they will not take root.

2. Make "talker", having mixed peat, the rerotting cow manure and the compost earth in equal proportions. Dilute mix with small amount of water that the consistence reminded dough for fritters. Dip roots into this "talker", then tie with their polyethylene and in such look put fir-trees in bucket, having removed in the shaded place.

3. Choose the place for landing of fir-trees. It is better to plant them at fence since trees will grow high and can shade kitchen garden, garden or flower bed. It is desirable that direct sunshine on this site got only in the evening: fir-trees not very well transfer the morning and day sun.

4. Prepare landing holes about 50 cc in size. On bottom put thick layer of vegetable garbage (everything, except weeds of perennial plants – sow-thistle, nettle suits, to goutweed and so forth). Without fail water and process intaviry or other medicine from mean insects who can hide in vegetable garbage. The compost earth or the rerotting manure can be the following layer. The last – the fertile soil which is previously removed from the place of landing.

5. Plant fir-trees early in the morning, it is desirable that there was cloudy day. Build the temporary ukryvny construction fitted by dark polyethylene. These trees do not love a lot of light at all, and at the time of change are especially susceptible to it. On circle of pristvolny circle make groove, introduce in it the complex mineral fertilizers consisting of nitrogen, superphosphate and potassium. It is abundant water saplings at the roots. In the next week the daily watering and superficial loosening is shown to fir-trees. In 10-15 days the shading design can be removed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team