How to replace fuchsia

How to replace fuchsia

Fuchsia - incredibly beautiful flower. At the slightest breeze its hand bells which have hung down are gracefully shaken here and there. It is necessary to replace fuchsia every spring.

It is required to you

  • Fuchsia, pot, soil mix, water.


1. When roots completely fill earth lump, it is necessary to replace plant. That time has come the backs which have appeared from drainage holes signal. One more sign of filling of earth lump with backs is fast drying of the earth. Just take out earth lump from pot to learn whether change is necessary. Before change attentively examine flower: if it has hung leaves it means that at plant the root system is damaged. Also hung leaves can arise from excessive overwetting.

2. The flower loves the friable and nutritious soil. It has to be blown by air well. It provides access of oxygen to roots. Soil is necessary for fuchsia compound: one part of the clay and cespitose earth, two parts of the peat earth, one part of sand. Such mix also will be suitable for adult plant: two parts of the cespitose earth, 1 part of peat, 1 part of compost, 1 part of humus. Surely make good drainage at the bottom of pot. It is possible to use pieces of wood charcoal. Remember that the fuchsia does not transfer stagnation of water.

3. In the beginning pull out plant from pot and shake off it from the excess earth. Carry out change only after truncate roots and you will cut off the old and damaged escapes. Make in new pot hole precisely on the center. Place plant there, and then powder it with the earth from sides. After change put fuchsia on solar windowsill, it is abundant water and sometimes spray with boiled water. After a while the fuchsia will surely go to growth, young escapes and flowers will appear. To accelerate emergence of flowers, feed up plant. As fertilizer use glass of ashes and 100 grams of superphosphate. This quantity will be enough fuchsia to the middle of summer.

4. Do not replace fuchsia in very big pot. It is better to make several transfers year after year in pots which will be only a little more previous. If you plant flower in big pot, in it the fuchsia will uncomfortably feel. Do not stamp soil at change. Just knock on pot that the earth has sunk itself and has filled emptiness. When you water the replaced plant, soil will finally sink. Perhaps, it is necessary to fill up a little earth. One of the best options for fuchsia is plastic pot. The clay pot during heat very strongly heats up, and moisture from it evaporates very quickly.

5. Spring - very favorable time for change of fuchsia. The winter for flower is dormant period, and by summer it begins active development. Change in fresh soil will only promote growth of plant. If you want fuchsia flowers freely to hang, replace it in suspended basket. It is possible to decorate with such basket house facade, balcony, porch and so on.

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