How to replace gardenia

How to replace gardenia

The gardenia is small, branchy and evergreen bush which height reaches one meter in height. The term of life of this plant in house conditions is quite small, it fluctuates from 6 months to one year. And here or on verandah the gardenia can live up to 7 years in hothouse conditions if to pay it due attention and leaving. Especially important part of leaving is change of plant.

It is required to you

  • - pot,
  • - gardenia shoots,
  • - heather earth,
  • - deciduous humus,
  • - haydite,
  • - fertilizers.


1. Do not replace gardenia at all until it completely does not fade, otherwise she will get sick and will dump buds. In general the blossoming plant it is better not to disturb neither bright light, nor change of situation. As natural blossoming of gardenia happens in the summer and in the fall, it is better to replace it in February.

2. At change of plant choose the correct and most suitable location. Gardenia, undoubtedly, loves bright light, but try a little pritenyat her from direct sunshine in summertime of year.

3. Correctly pick up the soil. The earth for change of gardenia has to represent mix from deciduous humus and the heather earth as for this plant there is no special substrate, it can be replaced with soil for rose and azalea. Each 15 days fertilizing during growth of gardenia is required. For this purpose fertilizer for orchids or liquid fertilizer without lime will approach.

4. As the gardenia prefers moderately damp soil, the pot has to have good drainage and not allow water to stand. Fill in pot pallet with plant damp haydite.

5. It is necessary to replace young escapes of gardenia once a year, replace adult plant every three years, in already fertilized soil. Gardenia breeds top shanks of the semi-lignified escapes during the period from July to September.

6. In winter season ideal temperature for gardenia – 18-18 degrees. If is indoors much warmer, then escapes will grow weak and thin, and blossoming, perhaps, will not occur in general.

7. Water flowers settled warm and obligatory soft water. Every morning spray gardenia leaves with warm water, but it is worth knowing that water ingress on buds and flowers is inadmissible, otherwise on them spots will appear and they will disappear.

8. If you want to receive as a result compact and fluffy bush of gardenia, it is necessary to prishchepit or cut off plant tops during the spring period.

9. Cover top soil with the mulching material, it can be coniferous debris or pine bark, they will keep moisture of the soil and will protect roots from overheating.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team