How to replace gas boiler

How to replace gas boiler

If your gas equipment has failed or on the technical characteristics has ceased to suit you, you for certain want to replace gas boiler. Consider at the same time that the staff of gas services can make replacement, for unauthorized connection of the gas equipment you will be threatened by serious penalties.


1. Write the application in the gas-distributing company (gorgaz or district gas), request permission to reinstallation. Wait for the answer (of 1 day to several months depending on quantity applications) and pay permission, receive specifications.

2. If transfer of gas pipelines or the boiler is necessary for installation, the scheme of laying of gas pipelines changes or the boiler type will be changed, then development of the new project is necessary. Address to the specialized company which has the license for such type of works (you can receive their addresses in gas service). The cost of project works will be determined depending on amount of works.

3. If you make the normal replacement which is not demanding change of the project just receive from the organization making replacement, the construction passport and provide it in PTO of the gas-distributing organization. Carry out inspection of smoke and ventilating ducts (DVK), also give the act in gorgaz. Besides, the import equipment requires also the certificate of conformity.

4. At installation of new boiler control all actions of workers. Pay attention - before dismantling wash out heating services in order that deposits and dirt did not hammer the heat exchanger, the pump, the switch valve and other elements of boiler did not fail.

5. Trace that workers when dismantling old boiler at first have disconnected it from the gas pipeline, then have disconnected heating services from knot of input of cold water and from boiler, in the last turn cut off boiler from the system of smoke removal.

6. After install the boiler, make sure that it keeps on wall steady and the possibility of accidental break is excluded. Pay attention - at the correct marking the opening for flue is directly opposite to smoke removal branch pipe.

7. Check correctness of the sequence of connection: at first the boiler is attached to the system of smoke removal, then to the gas pipeline by means of fitting, after that – to services of heating and hot-water supply (if such opportunity is provided by system). Pay attention - workers have to check all seams and joints regarding detection of defects of soldering.

8. After connection to the power supply network make trial launch of the gas boiler. Learn all features of control of your boiler, about temperature control and additional functions.

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