How to replace halogen lamps

How to replace halogen lamps

Halogen lamps are new version of normal glow lamps for today. Their advantage is bright light, possibility of creation of lighting effects and excellent color rendition. Such lighting takes the worthy place in modern dwellings. But how to replace the fused halogen lamps?


1. Never touch halogen lamps barehanded because on hands there is always fat layer. And any, even insignificant greasy spots, reduce life cycle of the halogen lamp ten times.

2. Replace halogen lamps only in clean cotton gloves. Sometimes such gloves enter set to lamps. If there are no gloves, use dry napkin.

3. Buy the transformer for such lamps with possible connection to it dimeasure and availability of special overload protection and short circuit. It is necessary as halogen lamps are very whimsical to bad tension.

4. Have the transformer on distance from 30 cm from bulbs to avoid overheating.

5. Install the device of smooth descent - it will increase life cycle of lamps. And besides, you gain beautiful and comfortable effect of gradual increase of light.

6. Consider what at increase in tension only on 20B brightness of the halogen lamp increases twice, but life cycle is considerably reduced. But at consecutive inclusion when tension decreases twice, the amount of light will decrease too, but in thousands of times the period of validity of lamp increases. Therefore for emergency lighting use consecutive connection or connect it consistently with the diode.

7. Never touch the halogen lamp right after its burn-out. Such lamp still very hot it is also possible to get burn.

8. Before clinging halogen bulbs in false ceilings, make good ventilation. Because during the work these lamps generate large amount of heat. And if not to take away it, then bulbs will fail much more often.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team