How to replace heating coil in the washing machine

How to replace heating coil in the washing machine

If your washing machine has ceased to maintain temperature condition - most likely, the heating coil has broken. Unfortunately, this type of breakage is rather widespread. It is necessary to remember that replacement of TENa demands special skills and knowledge, and it is recommended to trust it to professionals. But if you have similar experience and you are completely sure of the forces, it is possible to replace TEN independently.

It is required to you

  • - cross screw-driver;
  • - wrench;
  • - flat blade screwdriver.


1. Disconnect the washing machine from current network. Merge residues of water via the pump strainer.

2. Define arrangement of heating coil in your washing machine. On some front-loaded models the heating coil can be located both in back, and in front part of tank. To define its arrangement, it is recommended to examine back wall of the machine attentively. If the cover occupies the most part of back wall, most likely, the heating coil is established exactly there. If the size of cover is small probably TEN is in front part. At top-loaded washing machines the heating coil is located, as a rule, sideways.

3. Get access to TENu. For gaining access to the heating coil located in back part of the washing machine it is enough to turn off mounting screws of the panel of the unit and to separate it from the body. At side arrangement of TENa it is necessary to unscrew attachment screws of the side panel. Several bolts are located on back wall of the machine, one - on lobby, in socle zone. For removal of the heating coil located in frontal part of the machine it is necessary to turn off screws and to remove top cover; to remove hatch cup from the body; to disconnect the blocking device located from the inside of the unit. After that raise the meter panel, turn off self-tapping screws and dismantle frontal wall of the machine.

4. Remove three wires from the TENa terminals.

5. Weaken nut of the central screw of heating coil and accurately push the screw inside.

6. Carefully take TEN from the body of the washing machine. Carefully clean opening from scum and dirt.

7. Establish new TEN so that it has entered fastening in tank. Tighten attachment nut. Connect wires. Check the machine for tightness.

8. Install the panel dismantled earlier.

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