How to replace hyacinth

How to replace hyacinth

There is huge number of grades and types of hyacinths, they differ in form, the size and coloring. This beautiful flower which pleases look with the unusual coloring and splendor of flowers can be grown up not only in house conditions, but also on the seasonal dacha. Over time to hyacinth it becomes close in pot, and it needs to be replaced, but not each fan of houseplants knows how it is correct to do it.

1. If you grow up hyacinth in house conditions, then it needs to create such conditions which will be as close as possible to garden conditions. You contain hyacinth during the winter period in the cool place with moderate moistening, leave plant alone in the summer, well and of course create natural transitions between seasons.

2. Hyacinths need to provide the lightest place in the apartment, put pot with flower on windowsill or use daylight lamps. In the spring and during the winter period provide hyacinth with regular watering, water at the same time has to be defended. Between waterings the earth has to manage to dry up, do not pour at all. In summer months when the hyacinth is in absolute rest, limit it in watering. Every two weeks you introduce the complex fertilizer intended for houseplants.

3. After all land part completely withers, it is worth stopping waterings. Leave bulb in pot for all summer season. Dry rest is extremely necessary for forming of flowers. With arrival with bulb. If on it affiliated bulbs which easily separate were formed, then carefully separate them and seat in different pots.

4. Now it is necessary to pick up pot for hyacinth which has to be rather deep 5 centimeters more than diameter of bulb. Mix two parts of the sheet soil with one part of sand in which has to be the wood charcoal and superphosphate is brought. In the paved way plant hyacinth bulb so that its top was 1-1.5 centimeters above than the level of substrate.

5. After you have planted bulb in new pot, water it with the settled water, having created thereby moderate humidity. Place pot with plant in the fridge, temperature in it has to be +5 degrees. At once after on it there will be several green leaves, 2-3 centimeters long, move pot to the light, but cool place. Mix 2 grams of calcic saltpeter on one liter of water and water the soil with this solution.

6. Preferable temperature till the period of promotion of peduncle has to be +9 degrees. Then the hyacinth is ready to more moderate conditions, but it is not higher than +15 degrees. At the beginning of blossoming of the first bud, feed up bulb phosphorus-potassium solution. Such diet will help to save up to bulb big weight and to be prepared properly for dormant period and forming of flowers the next year.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team