How to replace juniper

How to replace juniper

If you at least once visited the Crimea, then, most likely, caught yourself on thought, is how easily and freely breathed when you are near evergreen coniferous bush under the name juniper. And it appears, itself can facilitate breath and in house conditions. The benefit of types of this plant is great variety (about 70 types), and owing to natural and weather cataclysms average annual temperature allows to grow up juniper, as they say, without leaving the house.

It is required to you

  • - juniper
  • - soil
  • - excelsior or peat
  • - water
  • - place for landing
  • - shovel


1. For obtaining the best result of change of juniper it is necessary to choose correctly that place in which your "inhaler" will grow. It has to be rather lit, should not have nearby other plants of your garden – the juniper not strongly loves closely nestled neighbors. Optimum distance from other plants are from 0.5 to 2 m. The place has to be chosen taking into account future growth of plant and to be the constant habitat for it as the juniper uncomfortably transfers frequent changes.

2. The plant can be bought in special shops of landscaping, but there is also easier way: it is simple to dig out the plant which was pleasant to you in the forest, on meadow or edge. The plant at the same time needs to be dug out, having occupied also a little earth around it for the best acclimatization on the new place.

3. To facilitate to itself life and not to conduct research concerning compliance of species of juniper to soil in which it should be landed, better to use when landing universal: to mix in identical quantity coarse-grained bank sand, peat and soil from the coniferous forest. At the same time it is necessary to sprinkle surely pristvolny zone of plant with excelsior or peat.

4. The hole for landing of juniper needs to be dug out about 1 m by 1 m in size, in depth on two bayonets of shovel, and after it to fill up to pochvosmesye, having providently left the place for plant roots. The root neck when landing has to remain on surface, and after the procedure of landing the plant is necessary is abundant to water at the roots.

5. If the teenage plant is exposed to change, then it is better to make the procedure of landing at the end of winter. As rhizome at juniper core to dig out plant, without having touched at the same time root, it is impossible. And here in the winter the frozen lump of the earth will not allow to damage root system. Big, adult plants nevertheless are not recommended to be replaced – the probability that their acclimatization will not happen is high and they simply will die.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team